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Prices and terms of sale


Harpsichord after Alessandro Trasuntino, 1531
False inner-outer:    $9,000
True inner-outer:    $10,000

Harpsichord after F.A., 1677
False inner-outer:    $8,000
True inner-outer:    $9,000

Ontario residents add 13% HST.  Residents of other Canadian provinces add 5% GST.

All harpsichords include a folding music desk, trestle stand with turned legs, a tuning hammer and a supply of replacement plectra and strings.

Outer case for true inner-outer harpsichords:  add $750.  The prices above are for the instrument itself, and reflect the cost of sourcing attractive case wood and fabricating a considerable amount of molding.

Single-strung (1x8') harpsichords:  subtract $1,000 from the prices above.

Keyboard ranges can be enlarged beyond the original, at additional cost.

False inner-outer instruments are painted in a single colour. Other decorative options are priced accordingly; please contact me for more details.

Padded covers are made by a third party to fit my instruments, and are provided at cost (presently about $700).  They are strongly recommended for anyone that plans to move their instrument regularly.


Full details of the instrument to be built, the final price and payment terms are recorded in a contract that you (the buyer) and I must both sign.

As a sign of good faith, a non-refundable deposit of $500, fully credited against the total purchase price, must be made upon signature of the contract.  This ensures that you are serious about making the purchase and prevents me from investing my time and materials into a project that you might not be fully committed to.

Payments consist of the deposit and three approximately equal installments of the remaining purchase price after the deposit is subtracted.

When work on the instrument commences, the first of three payment installments is due.  The second installment is due at my discretion during the building process.  When the instrument is finished and playable, you are invited to evaluate it.  If you are satisfied, the final installment is due.  If you are not satisfied, all your previous payments (with the exception of the initial deposit) will be refunded, and the contract will be cancelled.  The instrument remains in my possession, should this occur.

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