Borys Medicky
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Tuning, maintenance, repairs and appraisals

I offer the following services: 
  • TUNING for concert performances, recordings or as part of the regular upkeep of instruments in domestic or institutional settings.  I tune whatever temperament is desired, and can accommodate instruments with either historical (tapered) or modern (square, zither) tuning pins.  I also tune fortepianos, clavichords and small chamber organs, but offer more limited maintenance services for these instruments.

  • MAINTENANCE for harpsichords includes replacing individual plectra or broken strings, touching up the voicing of a register, replacing all plectra in a register and revoicing the new quills, restringing with new wire, regulating register on/off positions, adjusting jack heights and staggering, adjusting dampers, adjusting depth of touch, and fixing other minor matters that need to be remedied to keep a harpsichord in top playing shape.  Sometimes, basic maintenance issues such as a broken string or plectrum can be addressed during a tuning visit at no extra charge, as long as they can be quickly remedied.  Maintenance visits are usually done on-site at the client's address, unless the scale of the work or problems with scheduling visits suggest it would be more convenient to transport the instrument to my workshop.

  • REPAIRS of more serious problems not covered under routine maintenance.  Recent projects have included removing and regluing loose pinblocks (first unstringing the instrument, then restringing afterwards), repairing damage to casework, and replacing split or unglued hitchpin rails.  In these cases, the instrument must come back to the workshop, where I keep all the tools required to make more involved repairs.

  • APPRAISALS to value an instrument for insurance coverage or for possible sale.



The basic rate for maintenance and repairs is $75 per hour + 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).  There is a one-hour minimum charge for each visit, with the total time above one hour rounded up to the nearest half-hour.

A single tuning costs $75 + 13% HST.  However, harpsichords that require repeated tuning (because they won't stay at pitch) are billed hourly as regular maintenance jobs, and not at the flat rate of $75.  I price my tuning to take into account the travel necessary to visit the instrument.

Depending on the client's location, surcharges to cover travel expenses may be levied.  Additional charges for supplies (e.g. plectra, strings, dampers) may be necessary if a large quantity is used up during the course of the work.

Some jobs are billed by the hour, while others may be charged a flat rate based on an estimate I give upon evaluating the condition of the instrument.

I may or may not charge for an appraisal, depending on how busy I am, how quickly I can come up with a realistic dollar value and whether a visit to see the instrument in person is necessary.  The appraisal fee, when charged, is for one hour of my time at the rate given above, with a travel surcharge if the instrument is not nearby.

Payment is by cash or cheque, either in person at the end of my visit, or upon completion of the work and receipt of my invoice.  Interac e-transfers are also acceptable, although I do not insist on these because the client pays a service charge to send them.


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I make every effort to keep my current rates updated on this site; however, they are subject to change without prior notice.  Any rate or estimate communicated to a prospective client is to be taken as firm, even if it contradicts the figures posted on this web site.

Please feel free to contact me with your maintenance needs.