Borys Medicky
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Harpsichord rentals

 I have two Italian harpsichords available for rent.  Italian instruments produce a clearly defined sound that projects exceptionally well to an audience, even when playing in ensemble with other instruments.  This, plus their relatively easy portability, makes them excellent choices for someone needing to rent an instrument for a performance or recording session.

Italian harpsichord by David Werbeloff (2003).  Based on the 1693 anonymous Italian at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., thought to be by Giovanni Battista Giusti.  One manual, 2x8', range GG, AA-d3.  A=415 or 440 (d3 lost at 440).  Length 93"/236 cm.  Red and black casework.  This harpsichord has a sweet, full sound.  The construction style makes it a bit heavier that the Trasuntino described below, though it is still fairly easy for two people to move.  It has a lid, which, together with its thicker casework, makes it reasonably durable.

Italian harpsichord by Borys Medicky (2009).  Based on the 1531 instrument at the Royal College of Music in London, England, by Alessandro Trasuntino.  One manual, 2x8', range GG/BB-c3.  A=415 or 440 (no loss of notes at 440).  Length 88"/224 cm.  Natural wood casework, golden colour.  This instrument is very lightly built, so it is easy to move.  It has no lid, but its strong and bright tone projects easily without one.  However, the light construction and lack of a lid mean that it must be carefully handled to avoid damage.

Both harpsichords have a folding music desk.  The legs fasten with bolts into the bottom of the instrument, so both instruments can be shifted without separating from the legs (a depressingly common event with most harpsichords!).

I also have one French double harpsichord available for rent.  French instruments have a sumptuous and suave tone, less punchy than Italian harpsichords but very lovely to hear.

French double harpsichord by Willard Martin (1981).  Based on an early eighteenth-century design.  Two manuals, 8'8'4', buff stop, range FF,GG-f3.  A=415 or 440 (top note lost in 440 position).  Length 94"/239 cm.  This is an excellent instrument for solo recitals or concerto performances, as well as the eighteenth-century literature in general.  Of all the instruments I rent, this is the largest and heaviest.

Availability of all instruments is subject to their not being needed for my own performing activities.


I deliver and remove the harpsichord to and from the venue, and assist with setting up the instrument upon delivery and packing it up upon removal.  I insist upon being present if the instrument has to be relocated (e.g. to another floor or building) to avoid the potential for damage, though I have no objection to clients making small positional shifts by themselves to suit their rehearsal or concert setup.

Rental charges vary depending on the exact circumstances, but a weekend rental involving a return trip to one venue would cost about $350-400 + 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), with possible surcharges for travel outside Toronto.  One tuning after the instrument is set up (to stabilize the pitch) is included in the rental fee.  Rentals involving a longer time frame, or deliveries to multiple venues, or requests for me to tune the instrument during the rental period, will be priced higher.

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I make every effort to keep my current rates updated on this site; however, they are subject to change without prior notice.  Any rate or estimate communicated to a prospective client is to be taken as firm, even if it contradicts the figures posted on this web site.

Please contact me if you wish to arrange for a harpsichord rental.